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i want to get the full game but its a money horror game

what about the next part?

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck u

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kill ;-; Play!!??!?!?!

beny and play?

how do i do it?


i want it to be free its demo its should be free

Yes, me too!

I want that

aaaa pls make it free pls pls pls


I agree with u ThugLifeAnime.


I have the full game

Pasamelo plis

Pasamelo Plis



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bendy is such epic game homies

so play it boi


A  D E M O N  F U L L  O F  I N S A N I T Y

can you make a bendy ink mashing but no danlowd plz

Hi, I was just asking if anyone can help me download this game for Linux. I have a Chromebook and that's the only way I can use Linux. I hit download, but I don't know what to do next. 





wait,can you make an unlaggy button so that if you have a slow computer press that button to make the game unlaggy cuz i cant get my things done 

i like trains




This is so cool

how do I play?


are your freaking stupid look it up on youtube even a teddy ruxpin from 1985 can play better than you noob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goodness kid, chill!


NO ONE HAS TO JUMSCARE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


just cheatin



we only cheat in this game


can i get the game free

I think you can see the moment Glitch Kids soul leaves his body.

Watch our first part of the saga and our road to Bendy and the Ink Machines Chapter 5 .

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I really enjoyed playing the demo so i got the full game 😉👍here's chapter#2: 

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I really enjoyed playing this demo it looks good and sounds good I didn't want it to end so I am going to buy the full game 👍 if you want to see my playthrough of the demo here it is 😬 enjoy:


i want chapters 1-5




is it the full game from 1 - 4


I think not, it says "demo" and it's also free, so it's surely not.

no it is no


this demo is aswsome maybe i buy this game thank you dev


yeah how do you play?


How do I play guys


The dowload button is here for that


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