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can i get the game free

I think you can see the moment Glitch Kids soul leaves his body.

Watch our first part of the saga and our road to Bendy and the Ink Machines Chapter 5 .

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I really enjoyed playing the demo so i got the full game 😉👍here's chapter#2: 

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I really enjoyed playing this demo it looks good and sounds good I didn't want it to end so I am going to buy the full game 👍 if you want to see my playthrough of the demo here it is 😬 enjoy:


i want chapters 1-5



is it the full game from 1 - 4

I think not, it says "demo" and it's also free, so it's surely not.

this demo is aswsome maybe i buy this game thank you dev


yeah how do you play?


How do I play guys


The dowload button is here for that


lol l love this

i took very pleasure to playing this game thank you creator !!


thank you.



Gotta get'm all... EVERY LAST SECRET.

these guys lost so much money on their game becasue they made all the dlc on steam less than 2 hours long so people kept refunding each chapter after they beat it


Yeap thats what I did love to play games for free

Neat atheistic but, too much backtracking for my taste.


That form sent chills down my ass... before he bitch-slapped me.

This game is so great!!




I can't believe I finally finished chapter 2 I had a good time playing it I can't believe Sammy betrayed me like that also I think Boris will help us in chapter 3 hopefully right now all in all this game is really awesome x3

wikiHow to spoil entire game in the DOWNLOAD PAGE FOR THE FRIKN GAME.

I enjoyed this game alot! so i made a video on it :) Check it out 


The concept for this game is amazing. The execution, not so much. The dialogue is downright bad, the art style is questionable, and the jumpscares are cliche. - Opacity

I absolutely loved this game. I CANNOT WAIT to play Chapters 2 and 3 :) So good!

i did Game play on this chapter check it out!

Really did a good job setting up the scary atmosphere with the music and the post process effects. Found my self shitting bricks just turning corners lol. Great game!

LIKE  a boss !!!!!!!!!

LIKE  a boss !!!!!!!!!


Cannot wait for chapter 3!! This Friday!! :D 

Feast your eyes on chapter 1 and 2 while you wait!

Love the game worth the play.

I did Game play on this chapter check it out!

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