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I just solved the first puzzle... preceeded to poop on myself. So far I'm digging this.

Still doesn't work.... Certain decals like cobwebs and particles show up but no textures or GameObjects. Looking forward to playing it when I get a chance though! Let me know if you need footage of this bug.

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! Pure amazing graphics and eerieness lol check out my scared self on this video haha

I really enjoyed this game! When I started playing it, I had a rough start, but that's purely my fault! I liked it and can't wait to see Chapter Two. :D


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You guys, chapter 2 is already on its way but let's make it happen quick, help TheMeatly out and support his Patreon! I love this game so I'm already doing it. :)

Play the game for yourself and if you get stuck, watch my video, some items may be hard to find!

Anyone not played it yet, try it, its more scary than you think. And its only the first chapter.

Love it, Meatly. Got a lot of a Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat vibe from the cartoon characters. Can't wait for the future chapters! I will definitely show my support by purchasing a t-shirt.

This game reminded me of old Disney and I just loved the graphic style of it. I cant wait for the second chapter !!!

The thrilling conclusion of Bendy and the Ink Machine is here! I misjudged myself clearly and maybe anticipated more then I thought!

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Korkuyu çizgi film tadında bizlere sunan bir oyun.Oyunun oynanışını izlemek isterseniz kanalımda video'sunu yayınladım :)

I was absolutely enthralled with this game. From the second I booted it up and landed at the main menu, I knew it was going to be good. I spent a good 2 minutes just walking down that first hallway and looking at the posters on the wall. I really dug the "Frankenstein" area, without giving too much away to anyone who hasn't played it yet. You've done a great job leaving hints at a larger story at work throughout the world of this first chapter, and the mechanics in place are a great starting point for the project.

Although I am a complete sucker for anything with a so-called "Rubber Hose" style, this has serious potential. I've genuinely thought that using this style in a horror animation/film/game would serve to make for something truly unique - and your game is the proof. I genuinely hope to see a full version come together. This has all the makings of the next "Big thing" in horror games, something to fill the void in the indie scene since FNAF hit. I wish you guys the best of luck, and I'll be keeping up with the project - and checking out the Patreon too!

I'd also like to say it does remind me of a story that was posted to Reddit last year - the theme is very similar, and I wonder if it inspired the game at all? The story is called Persistence of Vision. It's totally possible that it's a coincidence, in any case. But if you guys see this comment, give it a read! It's fantastic, and goes hand in hand with your game in my opinion.

This video made me want to play it myself. I was not disappointed.

This video made me want to play it myself. I was not disappointed.

This was very fun! I loved every moment of it and I definitely want to see more! I know it's still early, but the only suggestion I have is a run function! Other than that I will definitely be helping out on your patreon when I get paid!

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What a bunch of fun. This was all the right kinds of suspense and creepy factor. Excited for more.

"Bendy and the Ink Machine" is a first person-puzzle-action-horror game that takes inspiration from the days of animation past: it is a very interesting game with a very unique atmosphere and feel to it. I cannot say enough good things about this, and I strongly urge all of you to check it out (and if you like it support the devs). Can't wait until chapter 2!!

Recorded a quick video of your game if you'd like to check it out! Really enjoyed what I played :)

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This is seriously gonna turn out to be an awesome game, can't wait for part #2!

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Great game, can't wait to play more!

I will definitely pay for the full version of this game, the story intrigues me, and the visuals are amazing. Also I'd love for him to release that credits song, hooked me right away.

Spooky game, I loved the animation and the voice acting seemed professional! Awesome little puzzle game, really enjoyed it :)

This is super good, and also super scary! I'm actually in the middle of playing it right now while I type this and I didn't know it would be this spooky lol.

Really amazing game! I wrote an article about the game and my impression of it here.

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Totally totally loved this one!! :D Can't wait for Chapter 2!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

This game is absolutely genius. I didn't expect it to be a horror game because it looked so cartoony. And that's exactly what makes it so freaky!
Old school Disney cartoons gone bad :P
Check out my let's play of the first chapter up here, support these guys to make more and it would be awesome if you could subscribe to my channel too!
I upload daily indie game let's play episodes!
Thanksss! :)

Ecellent first chapter. Leaves so many questions!

The game art is superb! Very unique!

I had a hell of a time finding the damned wrench, though!


One of the Best horror games I have seen!

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Pretty fun games. I don't normally enjoy horror games but this was good and unique. Look forward to chapter 2!

this is what i see

contact me at: if you're willing to help

i honestly want to play this but i cant see a thing

everything for me is black

I really enjoyed the art style, it's so rare to see a cell shaded horror game! Looking forward to seeing where this is going!

If I have any criticism it's that the fetch aspect of this chapter took away from the horror more than it added. Other than that keep up the good work.

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