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Saw some gameplay and tried chap 1 . 10/10 !

I love it! It is the best game ever! Chatper 1!

Superb game, going to play the whole thing 😁

:v cool

Just finished part 2 part 3 coming soon!

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people calm down its the demo demo is haft thing so its not the full game also to open it you need WinRAR or folders then go to downloads and you may find bendy.exe or something like that for people who need and asking how I open it or I CANT OPEN THIS SHIT

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I think you can see the moment Glitch Kids soul leaves his body.Watch our first part of the saga and our road to Bendy and the Ink Machines Chapter 5 . Consider subscribing if you like our content and don't forget to leave a comment and a like.Thanks!

i wish that i could download this but  it wont let me :(

im want to play it but how

You can watch the video on YouTube 

searched none bendy

there isnt bendy at all


I scared I never played this game

worthless!! iT WONT OPEN ITS STUPID AS HELL!!! im going to buy the real version next year.

I'm downloading it right now I will tell you my opinion comment after I play it! -w-

i like bendy

Me too

I love bendy and the ink machine i like the jumpscares

Same here

using a laptop and a computer is just a same thing and im blue LOL with mobile apple and android. XD batim/batd



i love alice angel


free batim yay! chickching never mine bich


I like this game :3


o god

i love this game totally play it

XD  i got scared by bendy

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i want ful part



do you like mine of the pelones



Guys It doesn't have to be free just be happy that the demo is free ok?


Let's just say I didn't watch ANY cartoons for a while.....

Blame chapter 5 Bendy and chapter 3 Alice Angel.....


ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh mah gooood i heve it °w°


can do the voics of sammy lewrwnc  at the next UPDAT OF THE GAME? CAN YOU SAND ME A MAIL  WITH ANSWER PLEAS?


i want to get the full game but its a money horror game

me too


what about the next part?


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck u


Hi Why U Swear ._.

Hi Why U Swear ._.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kill ;-; Play!!??!?!?!



beny and play?

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