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tem  q pagar? ;-;


i love bendy

DANG... I really need a better computer, this runs like assssss. like 1 fps


ok why does my chromebook run this shit better than yours

i have a 5 yr old laptop, and this runs completely fine.

Ahem... MINE WASSSSS 8 YEARS... but I got a new one so Idgaf

lower the resolution

Thanks you much Joey drew studios!

can I use this as my profile picture please

uhm  okay Iain1274

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uh okay


Show post...

graphics are kind of bad on mac catalina


de5reeeeeet6gvbydnmi,o .p/]sbbnmrgmgbhfdtshjkmcfxd



Good to see the 32x version

A whimsical throwback to 1930s animation studios.

yay a free version thanks you

thanks joey this will help others

complete edition is the best u can also download it on

I love this game. Thanks for the demo.



We continued out play-through, great game, a few too many 'errands' in chapter 3 but we're still enjoying it :)

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I want to play this game so bad but I am not allowed too but I going to do it when I get old enough to move out of my house and then this girl will download it or when my mom says she will pay for it and I would be able to download it . Omg what is this lol



Wait OMG that is bendy I thought that was Sammy oh god 

its  scery


Well not realy it’s not that scary 




this game is scary, but funny!!!!

this is me as a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m a banana 

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Aww cute the game bendy and the ink machine is funny when you get to watch the people on YouTube play it and scream when they get scared i even have a Dall of bendy I am only 12 and I sleep with a dall 

Why dosent it work i downloaded it and the game didnt work it said the folder was empty



Creeper aw man

Deleted 1 year ago

got our pickaxe swinging from




S-side to side


this task a grueling one 


hope to find some diamonds

to night,



Hmmmmmmmmmm me don't know how 2 play

I might have to try this sometime.

I clicked and now my head exploded

Beetlejuice reference


Bendy is my most fav games ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Still continuing our journey to chapter 5

yeah very amzing

if you're having trouble, i just reccommend to get it on steam. still an amazing game though!

do I press extract

wow very good




it sometimes doesn't work

how do you download bendy I don't understand show a vidio

well buy it on steam

i like this demo it is the best

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I like it :D!


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