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So I can play bendy and the ink machine on there but thanks 

Thanks but I have a windows 32Bit

the game and demo don't work on MacOS catalina it says The Application "BATIM" can't be opened.

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This might be because MacOS Catalina does not support 32bit games or applications, which isn't the smartest idea Apple could come up with. You may want to find a way to downgrade to the previous version of Mac before Catalina, or run Windows on your Mac.  If you wish to run Windows on Mac, please save your files that are downloaded to your Mac before doing so, just so you have lots of space for Windows.
Here is a video on how to get Windows on a Mac



Lol, k




tem  q pagar? ;-;


i love bendy

DANG... I really need a better computer, this runs like assssss. like 1 fps


ok why does my chromebook run this shit better than yours

i have a 5 yr old laptop, and this runs completely fine.

Ahem... MINE WASSSSS 8 YEARS... but I got a new one so Idgaf

lower the resolution

Thanks you much Joey drew studios!

can I use this as my profile picture please

uhm  okay Iain1274

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uh okay


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graphics are kind of bad on mac catalina


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Good to see the 32x version

A whimsical throwback to 1930s animation studios.

yay a free version thanks you

thanks joey this will help others

complete edition is the best u can also download it on

I love this game. Thanks for the demo.



We continued out play-through, great game, a few too many 'errands' in chapter 3 but we're still enjoying it :)

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I want to play this game so bad but I am not allowed too but I going to do it when I get old enough to move out of my house and then this girl will download it or when my mom says she will pay for it and I would be able to download it . Omg what is this lol



Wait OMG that is bendy I thought that was Sammy oh god 

its  scery


Well not realy it’s not that scary 




this game is scary, but funny!!!!

this is me as a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m a banana 

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Aww cute the game bendy and the ink machine is funny when you get to watch the people on YouTube play it and scream when they get scared i even have a Dall of bendy I am only 12 and I sleep with a dall 

Why dosent it work i downloaded it and the game didnt work it said the folder was empty



Creeper aw man

Deleted 1 year ago

got our pickaxe swinging from




S-side to side


this task a grueling one 


hope to find some diamonds

to night,



Hmmmmmmmmmm me don't know how 2 play

I might have to try this sometime.

I clicked and now my head exploded

Beetlejuice reference


Bendy is my most fav games ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Still continuing our journey to chapter 5

yeah very amzing

if you're having trouble, i just reccommend to get it on steam. still an amazing game though!

do I press extract

wow very good




it sometimes doesn't work

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