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what a great game to come back to! I love it!

the game is pretty cool thanks



U people are a joke stop asking for the game for free stop being cheap if u don't have money then get a job and stop spending ur money on stupid sh!t like Jordan's or a new iPhone and if u get it for free u complain it's not quality u can't have both stupid plus how would you feel if u worked for a year and then someone comes in and take ur checks u would be mad because u did the work not them work is not free people 

so true!

I cant download any winzip files!

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I mean, i bought it, and its worth the well expense. If you want it free, check out the demo

Demos are boring

also i exist


can you please make it free please ;(

yeah it no fair that I don't have money and I can't pla


there is some bugs you need to fix also realease batdr



make it free pls i am prok:(

yes plssss


man too bad this isnt free :(


I love this game and my fave charator is Bendy, Sammy, Joey, and Henry


ok cool? I guess.

there was no need for you to say that dude

Bendy and the ink machine game 5


Cant open on Mac. 


Hello) My Teaser trailer (For Animation) 

is it something with steam

Show post...

I Like This Game

best game EVER!!!!!!

big space alot off stuff there


make this free pls I wanna play chapter 5  and I watched it and its awesome pls help me out joey drew studios.

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This looks to be the full game, so it being Free is most likely not going to happen, although it is on Sale on Steam by a Significant prize reduction 

Just pay the $20.

Please, bring my best friend Boris back... 😢


why is the game 20$


That's what it costs. It's the same on Steam



e muito fofo esse doritos 

like para qm gosta do bendy no doritos


Nice Video and Nice No

Hello Joey Drew Studios! Please don't delete my fan game , Check please)))

We continued out play-through, great game, a few too many 'errands' in chapter 3 but we're still enjoying it :)

A great experience, as expected from such an esteemed company! We've only played the first few chapters, but we can't wait to post parts 2 through 5 soon!



Best Horror Cartoon game ever


Still continuing our journey to chapter 5


Like it


I really enjoyed this game and can't wait to play the new game I'v just uploaded chapter 5 if you would like to watch it here it is : 

enjoy 😉👍

That jumpscare got me real hard.

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