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¿Me puedes darme los 3 modelos 3d y mapas 3d de toda la saga de Bendy? (Bendy and the ink machine, Boris and the Dark sobrevival, Bendy innight run y Bendy and the dark revival)(si es posible)

¿Me pueden dar los modelos 3d y mapas 3d de toda la saga Bendy? (Bendy y la máquina de tinta, Boris y la supervivencia oscura, Bendy en la carrera de la pesadilla y Bendy y el renacimiento oscuro) (si es posible)


its pretty hard and scary but bendy is shit

skill issue,,,,

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It doesnt work for me



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Good Game man! Worth the money!! (Malaysia)

Game is worth!

this game blows


nevr seen a cheap one

lol its so cheap

Disclaimer! It's russian video.

I really do want this game. But I cant buy it. Find a real download to the game. I need help pls.

that dosent look safe

i used it


Fantastic game, really beautiful exhibition of the same art style of Bendy, yet a completely different playing style, displaying the versatility of JD Studio. Addictive, and surprisingly difficult. Can't wait to play through all the days!

Love the updates and where I think the game is going :) 7-6-5... 

I'm really enjoying this so far, although it is much easier with a remote than the keyboard!

Why do the safe places keep disappearing though!?

uh one problem literally don't know how to update games on please send help....

It would be nice if there is a CO-OP with the other Alice Angel NOT TWISTED and Tom

Would be cool if you could play co-op with ( good ) Alice angel.

Other than that it's pretty MINT.

y'ain't tom though

We never played BATIM but enjoyed the game and the style of it. A good learning curve and didn't play enough to see if they mechanic change but overall enjoyed the experience. Makes me wonder about the BATIM now and future games. Watch as my partner and I try to survive the night (or day) and get a little scared from the ink demon. Keep up the great work and my kids love the bendy universe. 

I'm loving the style of the game which is an automatic thing to expect when dealing with this universe. I haven't played BATIM, but after playing BATDS I feel like I have to! Like I said, the beautiful style is similar, but obviously the game is very different. I'm loving it so far, and hopefully the storyline progresses. 

FYI: My bacon-soup induced stamina does deplete, unlike JackSepticEye lol

Great work!

yo i cant even get it! >:(

Fun game while we wait for the Revival ;) I made a little montage of it hope you enjoy.

looks pretty good

OMG! I love this game it's on Google Play as well!

I hope you make a IOS version

Well you got one:)

Having lotso fun playing the first 3 night of this game. Just hoping for more monster though but who knows, probably there is some

bought the game on steam its very fun!


i want it for free :(

It’s only a dollar. If you’re young, you can just ask. It’s that cheap.


This game was hella fun i enjoyed playing it on my channel if you havent already i recomend you play it


Hey! played your game for my channel


I normally don't purchase games but I'm glad I did! Check it out!


I DON'T HAVE $1!Please make it a demo and free as well.



As someone who has never played Bendy And The Ink Machine, this was a good way to introduce myself to the series! This game is a lot of fun, and can become very intense! Here's my playthrough of the first few levels:

 the Game as far as I can tell is SUPPOSED to Provide Playable Answers to Bendy & the Ink Machine

This game is great

I agree!!!

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scary and fun! i played it on my channel and can only say its really nice! curious for more. here a link to the video i made about it !


For $1 how have people not bought this?

true you are absolutely right

Gave it a go...



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