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I'm loving the style of the game which is an automatic thing to expect when dealing with this universe. I haven't played BATIM, but after playing BATDS I feel like I have to! Like I said, the beautiful style is similar, but obviously the game is very different. I'm loving it so far, and hopefully the storyline progresses. 

FYI: My bacon-soup induced stamina does deplete, unlike JackSepticEye lol

Great work!

yo i cant even get it! >:(

Fun game while we wait for the Revival ;) I made a little montage of it hope you enjoy.

looks pretty good

OMG! I love this game it's on Google Play as well!

I hope you make a IOS version

Well you got one:)

Having lotso fun playing the first 3 night of this game. Just hoping for more monster though but who knows, probably there is some

bought the game on steam its very fun!


i want it for free :(

It’s only a dollar. If you’re young, you can just ask. It’s that cheap.


This game was hella fun i enjoyed playing it on my channel if you havent already i recomend you play it


Hey! played your game for my channel


I normally don't purchase games but I'm glad I did! Check it out!


I DON'T HAVE $1!Please make it a demo and free as well.



As someone who has never played Bendy And The Ink Machine, this was a good way to introduce myself to the series! This game is a lot of fun, and can become very intense! Here's my playthrough of the first few levels:

 the Game as far as I can tell is SUPPOSED to Provide Playable Answers to Bendy & the Ink Machine

This game is great

I agree!!!

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scary and fun! i played it on my channel and can only say its really nice! curious for more. here a link to the video i made about it !


For $1 how have people not bought this?

true you are absolutely right

Gave it a go...



Show post...


Such a fun wee game :) 


Had fun playing this!  


I what this game so much!!!




My boy Boris is back. I enjoyed this game and it made my hyped to bendy and the dark revival. 

This is so cool! I love the gameplay, I'm super interested in the secrets, and I can't wait to see what happens next in this universe! thank you for sharing your art.


This game sucks ass.


How so?


Listen this Game as far as I can tell is SUPPOSED to Provide Playable Answers to Bendy & the Ink Machine


Bendy tbf wasn't good to begin with. It was ok for 3 episodes and then went downhill when the developer started becoming money hungry.....Showdown Bandit came out after that.

This was a well made game, I enjoyed playing! I'm just trying to figure out how to open the box, covered in question marks, and I assume the ukulele contains a secret as well? I would like some help whenever you have time developer/developers.

Damn that looks good

the games great but a little to hard cause I’m on pc and it’s hard YEET but still loved it 

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Can't somebody write down what you hear from the tape recorder? 😥 I wasn't able to understand that exactly.


Excellent game of course, don't forget to post it on website too.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Looks great, will it come to Linux?


Game's interesting and a nice appetizer for the Dark Revival. Just wish there was another enemy patrolling these halls.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Really Nice and easy game :)


Looks realy nice :D will buy it

Will there be a linux version?
If I buy on itch, do i get an steam key?


On Gamejolt it says you don't get a steam key so I would recommend getting the game on steam instead because then the game will always be in your library even on a new device and no you will not get a steam key

Don’t worry dude it’s one dollar and yes I just made an account to say this

but i have an Apple iPad

There is a version on iOS too.

wow I really want this game

I don't have any money, but it looks great! 🐶💛

el juego esta bien hermoso me encanto

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