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I really enjoyed this game and can't wait to play the new game I'v just uploaded chapter 5 if you would like to watch it here it is : 

enjoy 😉👍

That jumpscare got me real hard.

inlove with this game


Does the itch version have all 5 chapters? I see it only has a size of 1GB

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this version has all chapters its the complete edition!

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When we first played Chapter 1 and now we are on our road to Chapter 5

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Just completed chapter 2! Loving the game, some very 'out-there' puzzles but I'm fine with that  :) 

Love this game! Gonna play the whole thing 😁


Just finished part 2 part 3 coming soon!

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Escape The Ayuwoki


can  you make a free version with all of the chapters without money just the download please

why is it so long to download?

me too

i dont have money ;_; T_T

me too


Here's chapter 4 

enjoy 😉👍

yup cool


Honestly, Im a LITTLE disappointed... Why would a game be 20 $ ?? Also, On Steam, You can download the game for like 4 $ … I honestly dont really like how it costs 20$ but its life... Other than that so far it looks pretty nice...

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I've really loved this game so far and im only on chapter 3 lol if you would like to see my playthroughs so far the link to my playlist will be at the bottom: 

or my playlist:


plz make it free




Watch your profanity. :


bendy and the ink machine


Can't Wait


I played year ago when there was only part 1, now I bought the full game and damn! I'm enjoying this. Can't wait to play more!


dude l cant download this game 

Right into Chapter 3...


does this come with chapter 5


Hey, I'm having issues launching the game... itch just flashes teh "buy an extra copy" and "share" button when I click launch. I've uninstalled and reinstalled three times. Help?

Bet money that i'm right.

I've had such a blast playing through this series and although I'm sad that it's finished I'm very happy with how it ended! Looking forward to what's next from the studio! 

'Bout to make a theory video on it, after I discover every goddamn secret.

This game dripped goodness.



I'm kinda salty that I'd have to pay for chapter two again to play the update... 


I can't believe I paid for this game and now I cannot even play it!!!

I can't believe I finally finished chapter 2 I had a good time playing it I can't believe Sammy betrayed me like that also I think Boris will help us in chapter 3 hopefully right now all in all this game is really awesome x3

I enjoyed this game alot! so i made a video on it :) Check it out 

i did Game play on this chapter check it out!

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